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The ADA’s programmes are designed to contribute to the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Current programmes that could form the basis of cooperation with the ADA are:

1. The ARADI (Alliances for Rights – Africa towards Disability Inclusion) Project:
Overall objective: To support CSO’s increased participation and contribution to African continental decision- and policy making and standard setting.
Specific objective(s):
To enable Pan-African Disability Federations (PADFs) Youth CSO to promote the importance of Disability Rights using AU’s African Disability Protocol (ADP) and the Model Disability Law (MDL).
The PADFs and Youths CSOs will have organisational tools (recommendations, inputs, messages, needs), and skills that enable them to conduct advocacy campaign to influence Commissioners of the ACHPR, Judges of African Court, Policymakers and officials of the AU/PAP and governments.
Meetings are initiated by CSO with at least 2 Commissioners of the ACHPR and 2 Judges of the AU-court DPO and Youth CSO with skills to develop and present 5 proposals for the validation of the ADP
A joint draft Model Disability Law that includes a gender Analysis has been jointly developed and finalized.
2. Fiscal Agent: B2015 Campaign:
3. The Africa Alliance and Disability Rights (AADIRI) Programme
4. Strategic Alliances for Poverty Eradication (SAPE) Programme:
5. Disability Inclusive Peace & Security (DIPS) Project:
6. Communities of Practice in Disability Advocacy for Mainstreaming (COPDAM):
8. The Architecture for an African Disability Rights Mechanism (AADRM)
8. Gender Equity
9. Participation in Campaigns and Dialogues (PICD) Project:
10. Monitoring and Ensuring Implementation of Commitments Related to Disability by Governments and Development Agents in the MDGS Using the UNCRDP as a basis:
11. ADA Networks of Parliamentarians:
12. ADA Network of Journalists:
13. Disability HIV/AIDS Program:
14. Promoting Inclusive Education (PIE) Programme
15. Knowledge Evidence Management and Utilisation (KEMU):
16. Africa Disability Alliance For Rights (Adar) Programme:


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