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African Disability Alliance (ADA) was formerly called the Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disability (SADPD). The organization’s name was changed with effect from 11 April 2014.

ADA has successfully used international diplomacy / relations to solve complex problems faced by persons with disabilities. This approach has been welcomed as an effective strategy to influence commitment to provide resources and implementation of policies and strategies in a manner that benefits persons with disabilities. The organisation has implemented a broad range of demand-led programmes and projects that have placed disability at the centre of planning, implementation and evaluation strategies at both national and Africa continental level. This includes adding value to policy formulation and implementation processes within the African Union (AU) system, Regional Economic Committee (RECs) and African governments.


a.    Works as an interlocking agency that provides policy-level expertise and examples of good practice to support disability policy formulation, programming and implementation processes.

b.    Catalyzes the disability programming process by developing tools to achieve objectives of policy and legislation related to disability.

c.     Brings together different governments, political structures, networks and organisations thus building consensus and cohesion on complex decision-making processes.

d.    Is a reservoir of information and best practices related to all aspects of disability work (including research/ gathering of evidence, formulation of sectorial disability objectives/ output/ indicators, and strengthening of advocacy/ lobbying ability of DPOs and other civil society organisations).

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